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Year Service Speaker Passage Subject
1968 Sunday Jan-07 06:30 PM David Short Luke 5:17-26 BBC Evening Service Broadcast
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Year Service Speaker Passage Subject
2019 Sunday Apr-07 11:30 AM Duncan Ryan Revelation 21:1-8 Is it Happy Ever After?
2019 Sunday Apr-07 07:00 PM Duncan Ryan Ephesians 4:11-12 God-Given Leadership
2019 Sunday Apr-14 11:30 AM Kevin Binnie John 12:1-8 A Tale of Two Hearts
2019 Sunday Apr-21 11:30 AM Willie Harrison Acts 2:22-24 The Resurection in 3 tenses
2019 Sunday Apr-21 07:00 PM Duncan Ryan Ephesians 4:7 Every member uniquely gifted
2019 Sunday Apr-28 11:30 AM Willie Harrison various The public role of women in the church
2019 Sunday Apr-28 07:00 PM Kevin Binnie Update on visits to Ethiopia and Zambia
2019 Sunday May-05 11:30 AM Duncan Ryan Ephesians 5:1-14 Walking as Children of Light
2019 Sunday May-05 07:00 PM Duncan Ryan Ephesians 4:16 Every Member: Interdependent
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